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Happy women after the 19th Annual Women's Health Initiative

Saginaw, MI

 Diane Fong, CEO of the Pulse3 Organization, recommends Kat!

Another audience member wowed by early morning laughter

Jori Sitz, Regional Vice President, shares her reaction following a series of Go Red for Women events in Texas

April 26, 2017

Recommendation from Cindy Miller, Corporate Market Director, Southwest Affiliate - American Heart Association

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March 8, 2017

Dear Friend of Heart,

I am delighted to recommend Kat Simmons as a Go Red For Women Luncheon speaker. She was wonderful to work with from the very beginning—and delievered a wonderful show. We have not had a single negative comment about Kat—even the men in the audience have RAVED about her and how funny she was! She worked hard to play into our theme and went above and beyond by helping us with our Hands-Only CPR efforts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our local northern Nevada office: 775-322-7065

With heartfelt gratitude,

Allison Edwards
Go Red For Women Director

Reno, NV

On behalf of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America, we want to thank you for your wonderful performance at our 55th Anniversary banquet on August 12th this year at the Mont Bleu Resort and Casio at South Lake Tahoe, Nevada. With an audience of almost 700 people you did a magnificent job of keeping them laughing for an entire hour. Your routine and jokes were perfectly suited for our age group being clean, humorous and adult-themed all at the same time. Also, you managed to bond with the group almost immediately with some tailored jokes that related to our car hobby and the peculiarities of what it takes for wives to put up with men who are obsessed with shiny old relics. We were very happy with your ability to connect with this automotive crowd by weaving your car topics in with numerous marriage situations. The jokes and dialogue constantly hit-the-mark with our many senior citizens. I have received Thank You cards from two International members who attended from Norway and Australia. They said that they found the banquet entertainment to be one of the highlights of attending the Meet, further justifying their long trip to attend. I think that this speaks volumes about your success with our group. If we look to hire another entertainer for one of our Car Meets again, you will definitely be at the top of our wish list.

- Bill Barker, VCCA 2016 Meet Co-Chairman 

Kat Simmons is a genuine show-stopper! She was a wonderful and hilarious addition to the 29th Annual Central California Women's Conference. We booked Kat as our comedienne speaker for our Cool-Down reception, and she did not disappoint. She had 2500+ women laughing out loud and thoroughly enjoying themselves throughout her session. Kat is also a dream to work with. We highly recommend her for your next event. HIRE KAT!!!!

- Betsy Hays, PR & Speaker Coordinator, Central California Women's Conference

I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Simmons the past two years. She has preformed twice (once solo and with 3 Blonde Moms) at our Annual Signature Fundraiser for women’s health “NorthBay Spirit of Women Girls’ Night Out. It was a supreme pleasure and joy working with Ms. Simmons. She shared a unique view of a women’s life with such commitment, courage and truth with her very inspirational humor - she was an unqualified success.
Ms. Simmons is a totally committed artist. She invests in every performance with painstaking patience and respect of every detail and nuance. We spent many hours working through every moment of NorthBay Spirit of Women’s Girls’ Night Out the past two years - this type of work is tough, but she thrives on this and her performances were a true testament to this work ethic. She is extremely professional and a joy to work with; and, once again, she is totally committed to "making every performance the very best for every guest”
She has my highest recommendation...
Lynne A. DiModica, NorthBay Healthcare Women’s Services Program Coordinator

With Kat Simmons booked with Allan Havey, I've been referring to this pair as the “Sugar & Spice” of comedy — Havey of course being the spice here. Kat has many irons in that entertainment fire. Sure we know her as a stand-up, but she's also part of the very funny and popular trio, “The 3 Blonde Moms.” Their schedule is very hectic, so having Kat up here is a rare treat. She also produces other comedy shows and is frequently in-demand as a comic for corporate engagements. For as long as I've known Kat, her plate has never been fuller. When she does perform as a solo artist, she's been fortunate to open for such headliners as Tim Allen, Diane Ford and Kenny Rogers. If you've never seen her act, it's very physical to the point her next career move could be blending both the worlds of comedy and as a personal trainer. I've said repeatedly that if Dick Van Dyke and Carol Burnett had a daughter, the end result would be Kat Simmons. Kat, too, has numerous credits. In addition to producing numerous shows both regionally and nationally, she has graced such programs as Comedy Central, FOX TV's “Comedy Tonight” and “Candid Camera.” When not performing or producing shows, Kat loves calling Northern Nevada home. She prefers the quality of life up here in (as she explains it), “Hooterville, er, I mean Gardnerville.” She's one of the hardest-working comics I know, and happy that she'll get a chance to keep it close to home working here in Tahoe.
Howie Nave

One word – Depends. This was an item that several women mentioned they wished they were wearing. Kat Simmons is hilarious and makes you look at everyday activities in a whole new light. She really started our meeting off on the right note. Thanks Kat! You proved that comedy before 9am is better than coffee.

Christy Virden, CEO WE of the World

Kat Simmons has going for her only that she is smart, funny, and genuinely gifted. I think of her as Lucille Ball without the bongo player.
Mike Price, former Comedy Consultant, CBS Television

What a blessing it is to know Kat! I met Kat Simmons in 2009 in Dallas when she won the eWomenNetwork’s Got Talent contest among the wild and full-hearted support that was there for her. I was just beginning to plan an event for the summer of 2010 and just knew I wanted Kat to be a part of it. Kat provided the perfect entertainment and comic relief for the women’s business event- Just as I had envisioned she would. Not only does Kat connect to her audience as an entertainer, but perhaps even more so as the open-hearted, sensitive, creative and yes funny woman she is while all while being humble and authentic. Well, I had to have her back for the second annual Beautiful Fearless Females event and this time headlining with the CEO of our organization. Once again, Kat showed up 100% for the women she came to serve. We loved her! Not only is Kat an amazing comedienne, but she also has a story to tell about life. I highly recommend Kat Simmons as an entertainer, comedienne, presenter. She will be a key to making any audience feel uniquely spoken to and encouraged.
Karen Penfold, Executive Managing Director, eWomenNetwork

I work really hard and need to relax, one of the ways I do that is with laughter.  When I need to be rejuvenated I go listen to Kat live or watch one of her videos.  She makes me laugh so hard I cry, but even better, she reminds me of how good life really is.
Alice Heiman, President, Alice Heiman, LLC

HILARIOUS! Kat’s comedy, the material so common to Women, but ingenious in her presentation! I loved it. Please consider Kat when planning our 2009 International Conference. PLEASE?! She was just Wonderful!
Cindy Pearce, CEO Market-Link

The evening was extremely entertaining with Kat Simmons. She was absolutely PERFECT as an entertainer for our eWomenNetwork members. I invited 5 guests and they couldn’t speak highly enough about Kat’s performance… it was so tastefully presented and kept us all laughing so hard! I would highly recommend her to present at our functions again! Please bring her back.
Linda Mclean, Mclean International, Area Manager

I wanted to thank you on behalf of all the employees at Greater Nevada Credit Union for a great performance at our employee appreciation dinner. I believe everyone had quite a few laughs that evening. Thanks again for making our evening a success!
Wally Murray, Vice President Administration/Finance

Kat Simmons was an amazing addition to our event. We had 150 women in the room that were hysterical with laughter! They were very impressed and surprised that she custom tailored her act to reflect the experiences of our full day event. She used good clean humor that was spontaneous, honest, authentic, and enlightening. We laughed so hard we cried, and the women are still talking about how funny she was months later.

Her kind of ‘conscious comedy’ is relevant, real-to-life, and hits your funny bone. We have seen a lot of performers and Kat has a unique act that makes even the most serious person laugh out loud. Kat was a joy to work with; she was professional and really listened to our needs. We highly recommend her.
Joanna Andros and Tanya Chernova, Founders of Courageous Living

I had seen Kat perform at women’s retreat and thought she was so awesome. So I hired her for our eWomenNetwork Holiday Extravaganza. She packed the house and had the whole room in stitches all night…even the men! I’ve seen Kat perform 3 different times and each time I still crack up. She truly takes the essence of being a woman and helps us all to laugh at our selves!! Comic relief, we all need it and Kat knows how to deliver it! Thank you so much Kat for an outstanding performance!
Kymberlee Simantel, Executive Managing Director eWomenNetwork -Reno/Tahoe

Kat Simmons was a guest speaker at our recent Nevada statewide conference for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs). We were familiar with Kat’s comedy and looking forward to laughing with her throughout her performance. As advocates for abused children, we were surprised to learn we had a comrade in Kat who, with her social work background, knew what we needed to hear. She took us from tears of laughter, to tears of sadness and back again. We will look forward to having Kat join us again.
Linda Cuddy, Coordinator, CASA of Douglas County

Kat Simmons is a promoter’s dream. She’s amicable, flexible, and punctual….and did I mention really, really funny!
John B. Rose, MD, Sutter North Medical Group

Wanted to thank you so much for entertaining us at the National Auto Museum earlier this month. With your Mom being hospitalized and your niece being chosen as homecoming queen, you still made our evening event very special. Many people came up to me afterward and told me how much they laughed and enjoyed you. You always make me laugh so I thought you were a huge success! Thank you, again, for bringing laughter to us when you really had more important priorities that night.
Claire J. Clift, Secretary of the Senate

Experiencing Kat Simmons on stage is proof positive that comedians are born to make the world a better place. Her physicality and down-to-earth persona, woven with her humorous life experiences, bring warmth and sincerity to audiences of all ages.

I had many wonderful comments about your dynamic performance and how much our group enjoyed seeing you. The interaction with the audience was great and it added a very fun and enjoyable touch to the evening.
Debbie Fairweather, Harley Davidson Finance Division

I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for appearing at the assessor’s conference in September. We all really enjoyed your program. It was a show that met my expectations. Your program is so much like real life that it gives us all a chance to laugh at ourselves.
Barbara Byington, Douglas County Assessor

I would highly recommend Kat to anyone wanting to spice up a party and help make it an unforgettable event. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
Vic Rice

Kat entertained our preferred guests on several occasions. She is incredibly funny and her unique fast-paced humor appeals to men and woman alike.
Paulette Poyneer, Director of Special Events, Fitzgerald’s Club, Reno, Nevada

I went to see Kat at a casino engagement to consider booking her for our theatre. Kat proved to be the consummate professional in addition to a comedic genius when her show, scheduled for just a few days after 9-11-01, provided a much needed release for those in attendance. She was able to tastefully and respectfully fashion a night of comedy during one of the darkest weeks in our Country’s history. We laughed and cried together, and we needed to.

Ted Koppel’s hair will never mean the same thing to me again. (What did it mean before?)

The entire entertainment industry was in a state of flux over whether to cancel shows, etc. In this case, everyone in attendance was glad that the show went on as scheduled. We booked her for two shows after that.”
Douglas Reynolds, Managing Partner, The Upstage Center Theatre

As you know we had 283 trucks with an average of two people per truck. We also had several executives and technicians from Dodge and Cummins in attendance. All were amazed at how accurate you were with your “Dr. Alex James” presentation on emission problems. That was right up until you hit the theme from the stripper and off came the wig and glasses. You had them fooled for a while, even if it was your second time in front of this group.
John M. Holmes, Event Coordinator, Turbo Diesel Register

As a spokesman for the District 5190 Rotary Group of Northern California and Nevada I would like to inform the public of the wonderful evening you provided our group at the Reno Atlantis Resort in May of 2003.

We were all amazed at your ability to remember names of our international dignitaries and how well you wove our stories of Rotary good with the style of humor only you provide. Your audience was not only appreciative, but nearly rolling in the aisles during your routine and even our comrades that barely understood English had a great evening. Your ability to read your audience is uncanny. We are looking forward to a future engagement.
Woodrow Allen, Conference Chairman, Rotary International

“Well, there goes four years of college down the drain, but as long as you can make a living at it.”
Ted Short, Kat’s father

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