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Kat Simmons' New Direction

Today, is a new day, full of beginnings. I have so missed writing. This is my first test blog, and I am excited for the new direction my career is taking. Like autumn, it is a time for old leaves to fall, and wait for the new growth. Having faith in the bare branches is important, because they absolutely must go through the winter naked, before they can be reborn in the spring.

I have come to trust the the rebuilding time. I have needed to be home, with my kids, and myself these last few months. I did not put my suitcase away for five years, and although I have loved being too busy to unpack, this season is one for me to be more reflective and really define where truly want to be. Time is precious, and no longer will I settle for less than my heart's desire in any area of my life. I am so very grateful to be able to do what I love, where I love, with people I love. All things are possible, and success is my only option.

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